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Our Garden

What would we be if it weren't for our beloved Garden. Here at CB it is as Farm to Table as it gets. That Dreamsicle smoothie? Bananas from the trees right here on-site. That Kavocado salad? Kale greens grown mere feet away from our little orange food truck.

For us the garden defines us. We want to give you the whole shabang! The experience! When you sit down and look over the ocean, it is almost over shadowed by the beauty of our little farm. The garden allows us to give you a unique experience every time you come to see us. From the beautiful morning rays lighting up the dew drenched produce during coffee talk, to the mid afternoon, post surf smoothie sesh seeing west swell pass Tres Palmas, all the way to the serene Juicy hour sunset; dollar off for happy hour, the garden view has yet to disappoint.

The cool thing about it is, the party never ends. Because of the Puerto Rican Harvest, the action never ceases at the Garden. Year-round we are growing for you to enjoy. We're one of the only places in Puerto Rico who does it, so check in with us here to see what's up. We'll keep you posted on what's grwoing and when, so when that time comes to get pickin', you'll know when to come eatin'. 

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The Setting

Carta Buena wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for the culture and community that surrounds us. Route 413, or better yet Rincón itself, is what makes Carta Buena so special. The beach, the views, the ocean, the food, the people; it all goes into making us the best we can be and we LOVE celebrating that. It's the reason you guys come to see us and we take pride in where we are from. Whether you choose to cure your hunger with us or with some of our local food slingin' friends, we hope that you take the time to enjoy Rincón for what it is. There's a whole lot to see, and even more to enjoy when you look. Here's a little peek into the little slice of heaven we call home.

Rincón Page. Everything around us that makes us... us. 

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Considered one of Rincón's favorite past times, surfing has been engrained in our town's history for decades. From the 1968 world championships, to the tourism the sport brings to our town year after year, on to the upwards of fifteen world-class surf spots within a 5 minute drive from Carta Buena; surfing trumps all here in Rincón. Let's face it, we all know that's the real reason you're in Rincón, and we're fine with that! We'd just like to think Carta Buena is the next best reason. 

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Puerto Rico's northwestern tip is one of the most beautiful places the caribbean has to offer. People travel far and wide to drive down this little strip we call "the road to happiness" and we are lucky enough to call it home. From the beaches to the the landscapes and hills, route 413, and Rincón in general is a spectacle worth seeing. I mean the whole reason we have the garden is because of the amazing land Puerto Rico has provided us with. Enjoy it!


Ahhhhhhhh Rincón's famous white sand beaches. Whether you're going for a snorkel down at Steps or enjoying a Medalla with your ass in a beach chair and toes in the sand, the beach are always a crowd pleaser. Good thing we have plenty of them for you to enjoy. Go for a beach glass walk, have a picnic, leap off the jumping rock, play a game of Volleyball at the bolineario; the beach is everyone's playground here in Rincón. FYI, If you haven't seen the green flash during sunset, I challenge you to get yourself down to the beach and look for one tonight. You might be in for a surprise.



El Bohio, Calypso, Cofresi, La Cambija, Tamboo ... What very important things do all these places have in common. The answer is They're all here in Rincón and they have Happy Hour. Happy Hour is sacred here in Rincón. Go enjoy it, 5 to 7 every damn day. 




And of course what would Rincón be without our beautiful town. The colorful buildings, the colorful people, the small businesses, the food; it's all so awesome. Go check it out. Immerse yourself in the culture and community. 9 times out of 10, it won't disappoint. 


The Scene

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